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Church family,

At our last elders meeting, Pastor Paul challenged the elders to increase the overall
communication and support of our church family. We decided to assist Pastor Paul by
reaching out to individual families periodically throughout the year and to make ourselves
available for prayer, fellowship and any other needs you may have. Our goal is not to replace
Pastor Paul’s availability or to create a “chain of command” before you reach out to him; we
are here to assist Pastor Paul and to serve as part of a team. The biggest difference will be the
responsibilities placed on CFC’s elders.
To accomplish this goal, Pastor Paul has divided our church family into four groups
and assigned each group to an elder. If, for any reason, you think you would be better served
by a different elder, please contact Pastor Paul directly and he will make the necessary
adjustments to the list.
Below is the list Pastor Paul put together to serve the CFC family (if you are not on the
list, it is completely unintentional, please contact Pastor Paul to be added) :

Elder – Brian Trigger 
• Loren and Natasha Roland
• Harry and Beulah Bowie
• Paul Chandler
• Tammy Hobbs
• David and Brooke Landin
• Benny and Beverly Mullins
• Steve & Lauren Mullins

Elder – Jim Kingsley
• Doralee Simko
• Wayne & Larra Cuffley
• Clyde and Ruthann D-Monte
• Cephas Issacs
• Mary Lou Shelton

Elder – Jim Rogers Jr.
• Todd and Carolyn Tetzloff
• Jay and Darla Triger
• Brian and Maeghan Trigger
• Brian and Bonnie Grooms
• Andy and Hyejin Mitchell
• Chris & Tara Trigger
• Dudley and Sophia Hooper

Elder – Wayne Cuffley
• Paul & Chelly Viswasam
• Jim and Anita Kingsley
• Robert and Shylaja Nadar
• Jim and Rhonda Rogers
• Jan and Rob Valderas


– CFC Elders

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